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Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco Nutrition Facts

Your wait has ended, fake-Mexican food fans! The Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco from Taco Bell is finally here! That's right, you can now walk into any Taco Bell and order this mutant combination of two of America's most popular Mexican-ish foods... a Taco Bell taco and Doritos Cool Ranch "tortilla" chips.

So what's in these tacos? Is it good for you? How does it compare to a regular taco? Let's find out by looking at the nutrition facts for the Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco!

Fish McBites: Are they healthy?

With Lent in full swing, millions of Americans are facing a serious problem: How will they ever replace those delicious McDonald's Chicken McBites with a meatless, Lent-friendly option? Never fear, McBite lovers, McDonald's has come to your rescue with a new offering: Fish McBites.

As you might guess, Fish McBites are small, bite-sized pieces of battered and fried fish. They come in three sizes and are also available in a Happy Meal. According to McDonald's, the fish used is the same Alaskan Pollack that's in the Filet-O-Fish. Why pick the McBites over the Filet-O-Fish? Well, choosing the McBites means no bun, American cheese or tartar sauce; three ingredients that contain a lot of calories, but provide little nutrition. Plus, Fish McBites are made to be dunked in a variety of tasty sauces, and science has proven that dunking food makes it better. Don't believe me? Try dunking an Oreo in milk. I rest my case.

This new menu addition has created a dilemma for McBite lovers; chicken or fish? Let's look at the nutrition facts and see which one will be the healthier choice!

Keep reading to see our nutrition facts comparison of Fish McBites and Chicken McBites.

Get the Facts on Chipotle

Every week we get emails asking us to list the nutrition facts for Chipotle. Well burrito fans, your wait is over. We now have the nutrition facts for Chipotle's full menu of burritos, burrito bowls, salads and tacos!

Are you trying to keep things healthy while eating at Chipotle? The good news is, it's completely up to you! At Chipotle, you get to specify every ingredient that goes into your meal, so you can make it as healthy as you want.

Keep reading for our tips on how to eat healthy at Chipotle.

We've Added Two New Restaurants!

Our website is growing so your waistline doesn't! We've just added nutrition facts for two new restaurants, Carl's Jr and Jack In The Box. These two west coast burger chains are the 28th and 29th restaurants listed on

So what restaurant should we add next? Let us know below in the comments!

Healthier Or Just Healthier Sounding?

Imagine you're an executive at a fast food restaurant chain and you've got a dilemma. Customers are looking for delicious, healthy food with high quality ingredients, but your boss wants you to keep costs down. How can you satisfy both your customers AND your boss?

Well Burger King has found a novel approach to this problem. Instead of improving the quality of ingredients in your food or making your food healthier, you can just change the name to make it sound better! This is exactly what Burger King has done with their fish sandwiches.

Click here for the full story.

What Happened To The Healthy Chicken?

Finding a healthy meal at Arby's just got a little tougher. While most fast food restaurants are eagerly adding more healthy options to their menus, Arby's is hard at work removing them.

Prior to recent menu changes, Arby's offered all of their chicken sandwiches and salads with the choice of either crispy chicken or roasted chicken. Now diners only have the option of the breaded and fried crispy chicken; all the roasted chicken offerings have been removed from the menu. So what does that mean for your diet?

Let's look at the Cravin' Chicken Sandwich, comparing the version with crispy chicken to the no longer offered version with roasted chicken. The Cravin' Chicken Sandwich with crispy chicken is worse for you in just about every way. Compared to the roasted chicken sandwich, the crispy chicken sandwich has more calories, more calories from fat, more saturated fat, more total fat, more cholesterol and more sodium. A diner who has to switch from ordering the sandwich with roasted chicken to crispy chicken will see their calorie intake go up by 34% and their fat intake go up by 83%!

So what the cluck, Arby's? What happened to the healthy chicken?

Eat KFC and Keep Your Diet

KFC is healthy? Well it can be if you're careful about what you order! KFC's fried chicken might be loaded with calories and fat, but their Kentucky Grilled Chicken, paired with a few healthy sides, can be a tasty, filling meal that won't break your diet.

For example, a meal of a grilled chicken breast, green beans and mashed potatoes only has 365 calories and 11 grams of fat. If that's still a little rich for your diet, skip the gravy on your mashed potatoes and your meal will clock in at a scant 335 calories and 10 grams of fat.

TIP: Next time you're at KFC, use our mobile website to check the nutrition facts on menu items before you order. Just visit from your smart phone, and you'll automatically get sent to our mobile-friendly site.